The world's largest WiFi network

If you live in the UK

All BT Broadband customers have free access to Fon hotspots around the world.

The BT Home Hub router has the Fon community software pre-installed. This turns your Home Hub into a hotspot for other community members to use in a safe and secure manner and allows you to use any other Fon hotspot around the world free of charge with your BT Total Broadband user and password.

If you joined BT Broadband after March 2007 you are already enabled to use the Fon service. If you joined BT Broadband before March 2007 you need to activate your Home Hub to use Fon.

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If you live outside of the UK

Anyone with a broadband connection can join Fon. Just buy a Fonera router and connect it to ADSL/broadband. Once your Fon Spot has been created and registered, you’re ready to enjoy free WiFi at millions of Fon Spots worldwide.

If you are a customer of Fon's selected partners outside the UK, you may already have Fon and can start your membership for free by simply activating your Fonera. Check out our partner list to see if an ISP in your country provides access to Fon.