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Is this site secure?

To help make sure you receive a safe and reliable service, Fon encrypts your account details when you log-in.
To keep your system as secure as possible it's also important to keep your operating system security patches up to date. For example, you should regularly visit Microsoft's Windows update website or the software update section of Apple's website.
For extra security, we’d recommend that you use strong firewall and antivirus software and keep it regularly updated.
If you use public WiFi hotspots to access email and other sensitive, unencrypted information you're advised to implement an additional layer of security such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Other secure methods include remote access software which allows you to access a computer remotely but over a secure channel.
For additional security, instead of http://www.etc, type in https://www. - this will take you to the site securely, but not all sites offer this option. If the letters https revert to http in the address bar then this option is not available.

Why is a Fon hotspot unavailable?

Fon hotspots are reliant on the hotspot owner enabling their router to transmit the Wi-Fi signal that you connect to. This means that we cannot guarantee that there will always be an available signal where there is a hotspot on the map, although this is a very rare occurrence. If this is the case, then you will need to find another hotspot close by which you can connect to, and with over 3.5 million across the UK, this should not be very far away.

What is a Fon day/hour pass?

Fon passes enable users that aren’t sharing their Internet connection to access Internet through Fon hotspots. Fon passes provide consecutive minutes of connection from first use. Customers can purchase Fon passes at any Fon hotspot around the world. Fon Passes cannot be purchased from They are only available on the login page to each Fon hotspot.

How can I buy access?

To purchase Fon Passes you must be connected to a Fon hotspot. The first page that you see when you connect to the hotspot show the products that are available, their prices and payment methods.

What are the different payment options?

We offer different options so you can make the best choice to fit your needs

  • Premium SMS: Available for 1 hour passes. It is as simple as sending a text from your mobile phone.
  • Click and Buy: A convenient and secure method, compatible with most Cards and a variety of top-up services.
  • Credit/Debit Card: Available for 1 day and 5 day passes.

How can I get free access?

If you live in the UK, then become a customer of BT Broadband.

If you live outside of the UK, then you can either purchase a Fon router or join through one of our select partners.

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What is my username?

The username to log into a Fon hotspot is the full email address you entered on registration.

How do I log in once I connect to the correct Wi-Fi network?

Once you are connected to the correct wi-fi network, launch your browser. This should load the Fon login page. Select Fon from the three options on the login page, enter your e-mail and password and connect. Launch another browser and you are ready to access the Internet

How can I log out to save minutes?

There is no need to log out as Fon day passes provide 24 hours of continuous unlimited access to the Internet from first time of use. It means if you first start using it on 15/12/2010 at 09:00am it will expire on 16/12/2010 at 09:00am. The same applies for 1 hour passes.

I purchased by SMS, why is my code shown as not valid or in use?

Once you have entered your promo code, it is activated to your Fon account straight away and you have a running session, and this is why it would flag it as used if you try to enter it again. Simply open a new Browser window and you should be able to surf. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit until the session has started (not more than a minute). After entering your code, you sometimes have to log in a second time with your account details details on landing page to be able to access the Internet.